Monday, 17 October 2016

Fade Files - Following Your Heart

Fade Files began in 2012 when Stefan Schmid from Fribourg, Switzerland and Richard Griffiths from Cardiff, Wales started making electronic music together. The pair had known one another ever since collaborating on songs for Stefan’s Swiss-based band, Marvin. Inspired by the Postal Service’s modus operandi of trans-state composition, Stefan and Richard began sharing files online, before meeting up to demo tracks in Switzerland and Wales. When Mark Hopgood, a London-based producer, joined in 2015 the group further finessed their sound through a shared love of early OMD, Seventies Eno and electronic Bowie, as well as contemporary EDM. After a couple of Welsh-language only singles, Following Your Heart (c/w New City Sunlight) is their first worldwide release.

Following Your Heart is about a dream of life; about memory and desire, paths taken and not taken.

Here's a Youtube link. preview of the single cover, and download options

Youtube preview of Following Your Heart

Fade Files - Following Your Heart - third single cover
Fade Files - Following Your Heart -third single cover 

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