Thursday, 2 November 2017

Electronic Press Kit - EPK

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About Fade Files

Fade Files began in 2012 when Stefan Schmid from Fribourg, Switzerland and Richard Griffiths from Cardiff, Wales began making electronic music together. The pair had known one another since collaborating on songs for Stefan’s Swiss-based band, Marvin. Inspired by the Postal Service’s method of trans-state collaboration, Stefan and Richard began sharing files online, before meeting up to demo tracks in Fribourg and Cardiff. When Mark Hopgood, a London-based electronic musician, joined in 2015 the group further finessed their sound through a shared love of seventies and eighties electro-pop as well as contemporary groups such as Chromatics and LCD Soundsystem. Although based primarily in Cardiff, Wales, Fade Files also record in Switzerland, France and London, and are working towards an album for release in 2018. After a series of Welsh language only releases So Good is their second English language single, released as a free download from their website on November 6th, 2017.

c/o Oncle Gilbert's Black Barn Studio, Penrhiw Farm, CF5 6SB, United Kingdom


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